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One thing we have learned from the coronavirus pandemic (and other viral attacks over the years) is the ability of diseases to transfer rapidly from one person to another. From personal touch and contact with surfaces.

The catchcry of this time has been to thoroughly wash our hands, as wipe down all surfaces. This practice needs to become a lifestyle, not just a short-term preventative measure.

Everyone’s Best Friend

White Tick™ is an Australian innovation – a hygiene-based training program supported by years of global medical and scientific research.

Every day we are surrounded by billions of pathogens (bacteria). The common cold, flu, gastroenteritis and diarrhoea are just some of them. The White Tick™ ensures customers that:

Places of business are adhering to a strict discipline of daily cleanliness
Management and staff have been trained to continually keep their hands and surfaces clean
Businesses have committed to continuing this high standard of cleanliness.
For Consumers

Customers need to know if it is safe for them to return to places such as their local coffee shop, health club, restaurant, shopping centre, fast food outlet, church or hair salon.

The White Tick™ program is about reducing the incidence of staff and clientele coming into contact with undesirable and preventable pathogens.

Australians were facing a hygiene crisis long before the Coronavirus pandemic. In the Melbourne Shopping Centre Hygiene Audit 2012, fourteen shopping centres were swab tested. The report revealed that food court tables and chairs had bacteria readings thousands of times over the safe health limit…change tables were 30,000 times over… and baby high chairs recorded 100,000 times above the safe level for living organisms.

For Business

It is essential for businesses to be able to demonstrate to hygiene-aware customers that they are a ‘safe place’.

At the same time, businesses cannot afford for any of their customers to suffer any ill-health. In this age of social media it only takes one negative comment to go viral and the future of a restaurant or coffee shop, for example, is severely compromised. Or stopped completely.

Enterprises also suffer financially when staff are forced to take sick leave. Bacteria can be transferred easily from workstations, door handles and shared equipment such as photocopiers, phones and computers.

A healthier workplace means:
• less workers contracting illness
• less disruption to the business
• less stress from last-minute shuffling of shifts
• less reliance on short-term replacement staff

Our figures show that a business with approximately 50 employees could potentially save at least $20,000 per year if it adopts the White Tick™ program.

The White Tick™ program is practical. Simple. Onsite.

Our team delivers an on-site training session in which the dangers of contamination are explained and appropriate health measures are demonstrated (eg. proper wiping of hands and surfaces with the most effective sanitising products, which are readily available from retail outlets).

1. Hygiene and cleanliness assessment of premises – includes microbial swabs taken of selected surfaces to identify existing standards of cleanliness.
2. Hygiene training session.
3. Repeat swab of same surfaces (display new acceptable levels).
4. Commitment by business owner-management to daily implementation of the White Tick™ methodologies.

The White Tick™ training team is available during early morning, daytime and evening periods to minimise any interruptions to staff serving their customers.
We are available to return to a business for training when new staff are hired.

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According to different scientific
studies and the World Health
Organisation, 80% of infectious
diseases are spread by hand.


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