A Revolution in
Hygiene & Safety

Now, more than ever before, Australia needs a more effective and trustworthy level of daily hygiene to keep us all safe.

The WHITE TICK™ program, from The Hygiene Group, is a revolutionary solution to creating a healthier and safer Australia.

How will the WHITE TICK™ benefit your business?
– Assure customers that your place of business is healthy and safe
– Provide peace of mind that staff are maintaining the best hygiene procedures
– On-site training for minimal disruption

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How will White TickTMbenefit
your business


Validation of infection control & hand hygiene procedural effectiveness


Management & employee infection control & hand hygiene training


Quarterly management workplace assessment reviews & support

Passionate about
good health for all

The Hygiene Group is an Australian company specialising in minimising the presence of potentially harmful pathogens (bacteria) in businesses, organisations and venues, to ensure greater health for workers, customers and visitors.

The Hygiene Group is leading a revolution in better hygiene and health standards, starting with our WHITE TICK™ program, the easily recognisable symbol of good hygiene.

The catchcry of this time has been to thoroughly wash our hands and wipe down all surfaces. This practice needs to become a lifestyle, not just a short-term preventative measure. WHITE TICK™ will keep it going.

According to the World Health Organisation 80% of infectious diseases are spread by hand.

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According to different scientific
studies and the World Health
Organisation, 80% of infectious
diseases are spread by hand.


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